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Wolverine on Base - Hugh Jackman visits Ramat David Release date 07.06.2010
The legendary Wolverine has touched down at Ramat David Airbase. Hugh Jackman, who played the famous hero in the X-Men trilogy toured Ramat David and heard about the F-16.
Dana Rusou

The Australian cinema, television and theatre actor Hugh Jackman arrived last week to visit Ramat David Airbase. The acclaimed actor, who has appeared in numerous Hollywood films including the X-Men Trilogy, Australia and The Prestige, visited the base as part of a family holiday in Israel.

The actor spent two hours on the base, alongside his two adopted children and their nanny. He visited the base's heritage hall and was shown around by the base's commander, Colonel Ronen. The group continued to the "First Jet" Squadron where they took a tour guided by Lieutenant Colonel (reserve) Nadav, who was on-call for the Squadron.

"We went to the underground hangar to see the F-16s", explained the Lieutenant Colonel, tour-guide for the day. "The soldiers in the hangar were thrilled to have the opportunity to be photographed in the hangar with the famous Hollywood actor."